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Understanding organizations’ strategy and timing is the key to motivate teams and overcome sales challenges.

Incentive Trips

In the trips we organize participants are treated as true champions. We reinvent destinations and create dreamlike experiences to share with others and encourage new stars.


We are good at finding the best way to draw, surprise and amaze people. We connect companies, their employees, clients/customers and partners.


We develop unique experiences that engage the audience and end up in true sales success.


Fine-tune Time Vision, share Corporate Values and take Pride in Belonging. These are the strategic pillars of our integration events.

Conferences and Fairs

We have wide-ranging solutions in logistics, content, design, intelligence system, entertainment and services.


Win-win situation is the focus of our social events. We go for ethical and conscious partners and help not only raising awareness but also empowering organizations.

Cultural and Sports Marketing

Honoring art and sports is a great deal. Tournaments, exhibitions, premieres and cultural contests are right tools to boost companies’ results.